Tired of spam?

Are you fond of spam? When you notice you have received a new spam, do you spontaneously start dancing with joy singing “I have got a  spam, have got a spam, have got a spam?” Probably not. If you want to stop receiving more spam in your e-mailbox, this is the article for you. I am here going to teach you how to make a spam filter with almost 100% accuracy.

There are already many spam filters on the market. The problem is that their accuracy is normally lower than 50%. I have made my own spam filter and it is almost perfect. Most spam filters - I would say all spam filters, because I have never heard about anything else - scan the e-mails and search for texts which are regular in spam, and that way identify spam. Spammers know this, and that is why we see so many spelling errors in spam messages. They misspell words like “viagra” and “pharmacy” purposely, to trick the spam filters. Moreover, if a friend of yours send you a joke about viagra it might be considered a spam.

The spam filter you are about to learn how to make, works the other way. It works on a “guilty until proven innocent”-basis, and it tries to recognise legitimate messages. Only you know what is typical for the legitimate messages you receive so the spammers can not adjust the messages to come to you.

The first thing you do is to create two mail-boxes, and call them “Grey area” and “Not spam”.

When this is done you go to the filter area in your mail program. (Not spam filter, just filter.) There you create a filter saying “If body contains a or if body does not contain a, transfer to Grey area.” Now all your messages are being transferred to Grey area. The next step is to save the legitimate messages you receive.

If you have one filter which makes the mail program transfer a specific mail to one mail-box, and another filter which makes the mail program transfer the same e-mail to another mail-box the mail program will choose to obey the filter which comes first. Therefore you can make other filters and tell them to transfer legitimate mails to the “Not spam”-box, and place these filters above the “transfer to grey area”-filter:

1. Spammers do not know your full name, but your friends do. Therefore you can make a filter which says. “If headers contains Sara Svenson (if that is your name) or body contains Sara Svenson , transfer to Not spam.”

2.  If English is not your first language maybe many of your messages are in your own language. Make filters which make the mail program recognise your language. For example can you  ask the mail program to consider words like “or, and, but, maybe, send, telephone, will, to, not, in, much, greetings, write” in your own language legitimate messages. Be careful though, so that these words do not occur in the English language as well, but mean something else.

3. If a message contains names of organisations you are a member of, it should be considered legitimate.

4. Domain names which your friends have e-mail addresses by. If you have a friend with the address goran.persson@riksdagen.se you can make a filter which says a mail which contains the word “riksdagen” should be transferred to “Not spam”. This means that not only messages from your friend Goran Persson will be accepted, but also messages from people who write to you and him at the same time.

Every time a spam comes to the “Not spam”-box after this, you track the filter which saved it, and change or delete that filter. Every time a legitimate mail comes to the “Grey area”-box, you make a new filter to save this message.

After a while you will see that no mail comes to the wrong box. When this happens it is time to change the filter which says “If body contains a or if body does not contain a, transfer to Grey area.” to “If body contains a or if body does not contain a, transfer to Trash.”

The End