Overheard in New York
If someone overhears something in New York, they send it to this site and it will be published.
Gary Habermas game
A fun game where you test your knowledge about the resurrection.
Find out the truth about urban legends.
Breathing Earth
Check up every country in the world, and get statistics about population and pollution.
The Moby Dick-code
Many famous assassinations were foretold in Moby Dick. Not.
Everything about sudoku.
Daily Lit
Have you been thinking about reading a specific classic novel, but hesitated due to the price or due to lack of time? Go to daily lit and subscribe to it for free. You get a little part from it every day. It takes five minutes to read. Yes, it takes time to be finished, but you will be finished sooner if you read it in five months, than if you hesitate to read it for half a year and then start reading it.
An online dictionary which everyone can write and edit. (Please note that this means you should read it critical.)
A pointless but fun site with dancing hamsters. That is all.
Are you in love with a friend? Are you afraid it would ruin your friendship if you tell your friend? Do you think about saying it anyway, in case your friend feels the same? Go to this site. They let you list persons you are in love with, and invite them anonymously to the site. If they list you too, you will both be told.
David Boreanaz is hot
A mailing list about tv-shows which have to do with David Boreanaz or Joss Whedon.
Word Plays
Word plays, anagrams, and jokes which has something to do with linguistics.
Legal English
Test - and improve - your knowledge in judicial terms.