How to make your own startpage

1. Click here.

2. Save the page which comes up(ctrl+s). Make sure you save it in html-format.

3. Open the saved page with your browser. Tell your browser you want it as your startpage. You can do this by right-clicking, or by changing the settings.

4. Now is the time to change your new startpage so it suits you. You do it by opening the startpage document in your text editor (Word or whatever you use.)

5. Now think of categories in which you want to place your favourite links. It could for example be search engines, personal homepages your friends have, fan sites, work-related sites, sites you use to buy from and miscellaneous. Now you change the headlines to the categories. You can for example change the text “headline 1” to “Search Engines”. Then you change the links. If you for example want a link to Google under “Search Engines” you take the text string “<A HREF="">Homesite 1</A><BR>” and change “” to “” and change “Homesite 1” to “Google.”