Sometimes people want to guess your passwords to different accounts. Sometimes it is people you know. Sometimes it is total strangers. How should you protect yourself? The first question you should ask yourself is how your enemies come over your passwords. Here comes the answer:

1. If they know you they guess what is probable you should choose. They try with your girlfriend's name, or with other things connected to you.

2. If they know you there is also a risk they find notes where you have written down your passwords in case you forgot.

3. They use computer programmes which try thousands of words and names and see if anything works. It is smart not to use words or names as passwords.

So how should you protect yourself? The advice you will probably get if you ask an expert is: Do not have passwords connected to you. Do not have passwords which mean anything. Mix small letters, capital letters and numbers randomly. Have different passwords everywhere. Change your passwords often, and never ever write your passwords down. Yes, you will be safe if you do this,  but you will also definitely forget your passwords.

One horror example is to do as suggested above. In this case none will guess your passwords, but you will forget them. Another horror example is if your girlfriend heighs Mary, and you have “Mary” as password everywhere and you also write it down. Let us see if we can find a solution somewhere in between.

First you come up with a few sentences. Let us say you come up with these five:

*I killed Angel. Do you even remember that?

*I do not need karma. Shoes I need.

*We are not sitting in the lake.

*It is nothing to play with.

*I do not have candles in my fridge.

Now you have to code these sentences. They could be ikadyert, idnnksin, wansitl, iintpw and idnhcimf. If you want to make them even more impossible to guess, you could replace a with 4 and e with 3 (They are alike.) and use capital L (You can remember you did this by thinking you did it not to mix them up with capital i). You can replace nn with 2n.

And how are you gonna remember your passwords? You use some reminders which you understand but none else. The first sentence is from Buffy. One of the characters in Buffy is Anya who is played by Emma Caulfield. You have a friend called Emma, and her sister heighs Lucy. Therefore you write down the word “Lucy” to remember this password. The second sentence is from Honey, I shrunk the kids. Therefore you just write down “shrink” to remember this password. Regarding the third sentence you could think of someone who actually is sitting in the lake. Napoleon died on an island where none lived. Maybe he gave up and committed suicide by jumping into the sea. Therefore you can write down the word “Napoleon” to remember this password. Or, since Napoleon sold Louisiana to the US, you could write down “Louisiana”. Regarding the fourth sentence you know one is not supposed to play with matches. Write down the word “match”, or make it even harder for the cracker  by writing “”. Regarding the fifth sentence maybe it was your friend Sarah who said this to you. Maybe she has also told you she has a phobia of singing in front of other people, and that she would prefer stripping nude for her friends rather than singing for them. In this case you only have to write down the words “nude singing”.