Welcome to Caspian and Miranda!

The official address to this site is http://www.caspianandmiranda.com even though other addresses might work too. Caspian and Miranda are only fictional characters. The real author of everything on this site is the holder of the domain of caspianandmiranda.com. He also has copyright to everything here.

Caspian and Miranda are good friends and they show people their works on this site. They have different interests, which one can tell after looking at their works. They are both typical for their gender roles. Caspian is more interested in computers, maths and logics. Miranda is more interested in language and philosophy. If you want a list over what is new on this site, click here.

Caspian works
Miranda works
What Caspian and Miranda have made together
  • A lesson on how to make your own start page for your browser.
  • A lesson on how to choose a safe password, which still is easy for the user to remember.
  • An instruction on how to make a nearly perfect spam filter.
  • A more challenging sudoku than the usual ones.
  • An essay about whether the king of France is bald or not.
  • Some thoughts about the expression L8.
  • Some suggestions on new words in Swedish and English
  • A test which will determine whether you use British or American English.
  • A term paper on the Swedish translations of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In English of course. Miranda has not written this herself. Miranda has never went to college. However, it was Miranda who found this term paper and asked the author for permission to put it here.
  • A link page.
  • A collection of links to sites which will let you donate to charity without giving anything yourself.
  • A game with questions.